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Space Frames

Built to ALRC regulation from 25 years experience of building space frames.

Our space frame can be built onto your chassis and start from £1360

We cut and shorten the chassis, de-bracket where necessary, build and fit a roll cage, modify rear of chassis and fit a new box section rear cross member, fit rock sliders, tubular front wing bars and outer rear tub frame.

All this for only £1360.

We offer a chassis exchange service to save you a journey or £100 for outright purchase of chassis.

Space Frames

About the Frames

Our space frames are designed to cope with the various demands of a competitive off-road racer. They are ideal for the clubman who wishes to compete at entry level or for a professional aiming to win.

The frames are made from 1"1/2 nominal bore tubing 48.4mm outside diameter to MSA bluebook, which makes them both strong and affordable.

Space Frames

Space Frames

They can be built to the highest standard of the ALRC regulations which means that you will be able to compete in any competition.

Our frames have been developed using over 25 years experience of successfully competing in various off-road competitions.

Frame Types

Our space frames are available in the following forms and are suitable for all Rover based coil sprung chassis's.

They all include the following features:

  • New rear cross member
  • Rear tow point
  • Outer back body frame work (ready to panel)
  • Gaps to suit Series 1 86/88 inch doors
  • Strong front wing bars to take flat alum wings
  • Lift off frame spreader plates and outriggers (frame only)

80" or 88" Comp Safari / Trial Frame (ALRC)

80" Trial Frame

The 88" bench mark for trials for getting over the demanding terrain while achieving sharp cornering.

88" is an ideal all rounder for both competition safaris and trials. Recognised wheelbase for Rover based events. (our most popular frame)

100" Comp Safari Frame (non ALRC)

100" Comp Safari Frame

Ideal for long and fast competition safari's with a longer wheelbase to provide good stability.

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